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Free Appraisals ~ Know the facts before selling your Buddy L Trains, Cars or Trucks.  Buddy L
Museum paying 60% - 85% more than antique dealers, ebay and toy shows. Your steel
Buddy L
pressed steel toys to a name you can trust,  
Buddy L Museum paying the absolute highest prices
Buddy L Flivver coupe wanted for immediate purchase paying up to three thousand dollars for
any Buddy L Flivver one toy express truck or flivver one ton delivery truck in good condition
Your Buddy L toy trains and antique Buddy L toy cars are important to us, E-mail photographs of all your Buddy L
toys for sale. Visit website www.VintageBuddyLToys.com and see your favorite Buddy L Trucks or vintage
L Trains. Presently on display are several rare trains and other Buddy L trucks rarely seen before.  Housed is the
country's finest example the rare motorized
Buddy L locomotive and blue Buddy L bus with factory nickel plating.
We're always seeking original
Buddy L toy cars. If you have a Ford Buddy L Flivver for sale we'd like to hear from
you.  Presently paying up to two thousand dollars for any
Buddy L dump truck or set of Buddy L trains in excellent
plus condition  Buddy L Flivver Home Page Free Buddy L Flivver Price Guide  Always buying
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E-Mail Us
Several Buddy L Trucks including the not often seen Buddy L Dump truck with nickel plated headlights are now on
display in the
Buddy L Museum virtual photo galleries. The Buddy L company manufactured hundreds of variations
of trains, ice trucks, dump trucks and cars. If you need help identifying your antique
pressed steel toys Email us or
use the  web user form located throughout the museum. Your
Buddy L trains and toy trucks could be worth a small
fortune contact us for a free confidential evaluation. All inquires received by the Buddy L Museum will remain strictly
confidential.  Helping collectors buy and sell toys since 1968. Presently paying up to three thousand dollars for any
Buddy L Bus, Train or Buddy L dump truck in ten condition World's largest buyer of Buddy L Flivver Cars & trucks
Our museum would like to buy your vintage pressed steel toys or Antique Buddy L Truck manufactured in N. America
prior to 1945 Numerous
Buddy L Trucks can worth several thousand dollars, including the large 1934 Buddy L Wrecker
with dual rear wheels and rubber tires. Another valuable Buddy L toy is the 1929
Buddy L Flivver Huckster, contact us if
you own any of these Buddy L trucks Determining the worth of an
antique toy truck is a complicated process and best
left in the hands of trusted professionals If you need assistance appraising your Buddy L Trains or Buddy L Trucks
contact us with a brief description accompanied with multiple pictures showing all damaged areas .The
Buddy L
Museum is now accepting applications for membership please contact us for more details Always buying antique toys
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Antique Buddy L Dump Truck wanted any condition. Vintage Buddy L toy trains needed for immediate purchase.  
Buddy L Toys wanted, any condition, any model. Buddy L Coal Truck with or without chute wanted, paying up to
$3500.  Buddy L toy trains and
Buddy L toy cars wanted regardless of condition Buddy L Museum is the world's
oldest and largest buyer of prewar
Buddy L related items including Airplanes, Trains, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Toys
and Catalogs.  The
Buddy L Museum will pay you more for your antique Buddy L Trucks or Toys than anybody in
the country  Prices according to age and type however all
Buddy L toys in excellent plus condition will command
higher prices. Free antique toys price guide Buddfy L Flivver for sale Email the
Buddy L Museum for more info
If you'd like more information regarding hours of operation please contact the Buddy L Museum before planning your
trip. Security clearance must be waived before access to our three main floors No food or beverage are allowed in
Buddy L Museum and cell phones must be turned off. All Buddy L Trucks and Buddy L trains not behind glass
cases should not be handled without a tour guides permission Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
The Buddy L Toy Museum has been helping collectors buy and sell pressed steel toys for more than half a century.  
R U selling your
Buddy l truck or vintage Buddy L Trains please contact us in person or through our Email address
Toys@BuddyLMuseum.com Appraisals available for all members as well as non members. Flivver trucks & Flivver
cars wanted, w/ quick accurate toy appraisals Free Buddy L Toys Identification Guide Rare Buddy L Trucks wanted
Pressed Steel Toys Wanted ~ Free Appraisals
Free Appraisals
Free Appraisals
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Buddy L Huckster
Flivver one ton
Delivery Truck
John C Turner
Yellow Taxi 2 of 2
Buddy L Flivver Appraisals
Rare pressed steel buddy l flivver dump cart
Buddy L Flivver dump truck with
dump bed and titling dump lever.
Buddy L dump truck appraisals
Buddy L Flivver prices and pictures
Vintage pressed steel toys wanted
Paying thousands for any buddy l flivver dump cart or keystone
dump truck
Antique pressed steel toys
manufactured before 1938
wanted regardless of origin
Flivver Dump Truck Toy
Decal on Dump Bed
Small flivver toy car
history buddy l flivver
coupe for sale
Red flivver round flivver
Buddy L Museum Buying Pressed Steel Toys Highest Prices Paid
Unique Buddy L
Pressed Steel Toys
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