Vintage Keystone & Buddy L Toys Wanted
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Free Appraisals ~ Buddy L Museum world's largest buyer of
antique Buddy L trucks, trains, cars and toys. Paying 60%-95%
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cars trains. Vintage cement mixer wanted
Buddy L Toy Museum the world's leading authority on Antique Buddy L trucks and large keystone catalogs presently paying 55% - 95%
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Buddy L Trucks, Antique Buddy L Toys and Cars than anybody in the country including antique dealers, Ebay and private
Fire toy truck w/ dump bed by Keystone.
1934 Buddy L dump bed painted antique red
If any one company could be fairly called representative of the American toy industry, it would be Buddy L.    If any company can make the
well, outside the community of old toy truck collectors.     Ask any dealer at any train show, flea market, eBay, antique store, or any country
Contact us with your
vintage space toys for sale. Buying single toys or entire collection. Vintage Buddy L Trucks, Keystone, free appraisals
Folks have been collecting prewar Buddy L since the 1950's. All sorts of writers have issued material on this subject since the 1960's, if not
earlier.   Train collectors have been buying
Buddy L for decades probably due to the heavy coverage given this toy company in many of the
old trains collector publications. Long before the big toy boom of the mid 1980's,
Buddy L's pressed steel trucks from before World War ll
were as hot a commodity in the general antique trade as any piece of Rookwod, Weller, Hesiey, 19th century furniture, a fine old music box
Buddy L Museum Appraisals  Younger generations are "discovering" the magnificence of old pressed steel toys in general and Buddy L in
particular it is a new subject to them and one that no longer looks so cost prohibitive when compared to the huge increase in Postwar Toys
Trucks were representations of International truck we have identified each of the old international cab types and presented the various toy
L's production: the 1920s "S" series trucks and derivatives; the Junior Line; the 1930s "A", "C", and "D" series trucks; and the particularly
impressive construction toys We cover every pressed steel toy vehicle
Buddy L made before World War ll including buses, planes & cars
Buddy L
As is our practice with our other collector's guides, we tug boat and trains Buddy L Museum helping collectors sell rare Buddy L
trucks and
Buddy L toys since 1968. Buddy L fire truck wanted. Vintage Buddy L dump truck with rubber tires and spoke wheel needed
Buying rare Buddy L Trucks Cars Boats Planes Trains free appraisals email pictures of all your antique toy trucks for sale Always paying
highest prices in the country. Buddy L Toy Museum America's headquarters for pressed steel toys, vintage space toys, rare cast iron toys
Vintage toys wanted any condition 1920s - 1960s. Friction toys, wind up toys, battery operated toys Free antique toy appraisals email us
Early Red Buddy L Keystone Fire Truck
Buddy L Museum Presently Seeking to Purchase any Buddy L Aerial Ladder Truck or Toy Dump Truck
Antique Buddy L Dump Car
Fire Toy Truck
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FREE APPRAISALS ~ Know the facts before selling your vintage space toys & robots. Buddy L Museum paying 40% - 85% more than antique dealers, ebay, private collectors or live auctions
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