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antique Buddy L Truck
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1968 Buddy L Toy Museum is the single largest buyer of
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nation Presently paying up to six thousand dollars for 1925
Buddy L Railway Express Truck wi/dual rear tires and
simulated spoke wheels. E-mail pictures of all your Keystone
Toy Trucks, Tiffany Lamps, old toy cars and receive a free
confidential evaluation All inquiries will be addressed in a
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for sale Your
Buddy L Ice Truck or Keystone toy trucks
could be worth a small fortune. To find out more about your
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selling your Antique Toys Buying antique tiffany lamps and
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Buddy L Cars and Trucks
Karl Bub Tin Cars Wanted
Buddy L Toy appraisals and consultations
In some circles synonymous with  big steel toy trucks trucks,
Buddy L name became branded to multiple toy trucks during
the 1920s.  Buddy L Toy truck factory offered a substantial
variety of impressive Buddy L Toy Cars, Trucks, Trains &
airplanes however old toy trucks still dominated sales.   
Large Buddy l toy trains are as collectible as the Buddy L
Truck line to most collectors of for all Sturditoy, Keystone and
Steelcraft Toy Trucks. Paying up to five thousand dollars for
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Museum is the world's oldest buyer of
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