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Antique Buddy L Trucks and Buddy L Toys Wanted ~ Free Price Quotes,,Buddy L Trucks,,Buddy L Toys,Buddy L Ice Truck,,,Buddy L Truck,,Buddy L Trains,,Buddy L Dump Truck,,Buddy L Coal Truck,,Buddy L Wrecker,,Buddy L Delivery Truck,Buddy L Red Baby,Buddy L Toy Truck,Buddy L,,Buddy L International Harvester Delivery Truck,,Sturditoy,,old
Buddy L Museum helping collectors since 1968 If you presently have an old
Buddy L Red Baby or a vintage set of Buddy L trains contact us for a free
appraisal. Buying all variations of the
Buddy L Trench Digger including Ride On
models with pull handles and seats If you need advice restoring or selling your
pressed steel toys e-mail us for more information.   Browse through our
website and enjoy antique toy trucks manufactured by the
Sturditoy company.  
View the great Red
Buddy L Wrecker or magnificent Buddy L Coal truck with it's
original coal chutes and factory box. Or if you just need help selling your Ride
On Buddy L Ice truck or 1920's Buddy L Coal truck  email us for a free price
quote The
Buddy L Toy Museum long considered the most trusted name in
Buddy L trains and
Buddy L toys has been helping collectors for almost half a
century Contact us today Rare
Buddy L International Harvester with opening
doors wanted for immediate purchase Paying up to six thousand dollars for any
Sturditoy Wrecker or green Sturditoy oil company truck in mint condition.   
We are the world's largest buyers of
pressed steel toys and all antique toy trucks
manufactured in America prior to World War Two View several of the museum's
new addition's by clicking the links located throughout our website

Selling your large
Buddy L Ice truck, Buddy L Coal truck or Buddy L Dump
Truck? Contact us immediately Buddy L Toy Museum paying 50%-80% more
than antique dealers, ebay and private collectors Early variations of the Buddy L
International Harvester Delivery truck wanted for immediate purchase along with
all types of Buddy L Dump Trucks and vintage
Buddy L Trains.   The Buddy L
Museum is committed to establishing the finest collection of pressed steel toys in
the world We'd like to take this time thank the thousands of patrons and
collectors whom without their patronage and support the
Buddy L Museum could
not exist.  If you'd like to inquire about membership you may email the
Buddy L
Toy Museum directly or contact us through our web user form above. Our
museum is always looking to purchase single
Buddy L Toys or entire collections.
Email us today
Sell your Buddy L Toys to a name you can trust. Buddy L Museum the
most prestigious in pressed steel toys. Paying up to seven thousand
dollars for any large
Buddy L Toy Truck or Buddy L Wrecker in mint
condition.     Also seeking to acquire any Red
Buddy L Red Baby or ride
Buddy L Ice Truck with original accessories.  We're also the world's
leading authority on antique
Sturditoy Trucks, early Keystone Toy Trucks
and prewar Buddy L Trains. Always paying 50%-80% more than antique
dealers, eBay and private collectors.
Tin Toy Robots & Japanese Space
Toy Appraisals
Recently voted the number one website for big antique Buddy L toys and
Buddy L trucks by the pressed steel toys guild of America. Visit
Buddy L Museum's several photo galleries and view rare Keystone
Toy Trucks as well as several one of a kind Buddy L Trucks, Vintage
Buddy L Ice Trucks and prewar Steelcraft toy trucks also on display If you
have a rare
Buddy L Red Baby or Sturditoy truck for sale contact us for a
free appraisal Seeking to buy any prewar
Buddy L Delivery truck or large
Struditoy truck in good or better condition. We will pay you more for your
Buddy L Trucks and Buddy L Trains than anybody in the country
Buddy L Trucks offered during the 1920's often sold for under four
Keystone toy trucks sold for similar amounts as did
Steelcraft however both companies entered the pressed steel toy
market two years later than Sturditoy Keystone toy trucks came
standard with nickel plated wheels the first year of production but
soon after changed to rubber. Buddy L Outdoor railroad trains
entered it's first production run in 1927 and continued until 1933.  
One of the more successful Buddy L lines of vehicles was the
Buddy L Express Truck series starting in 1921 while changing
designs every three to four years.   The
Sturditoy company also
produced similar express trucks as
Buddy L and Keystone however
were not designed after actual trucks The
Buddy L Toy Museum is
dedicated to the preservation of pressed steel toys. All Buddy L
Toys and Buddy L Trains are an important part of American culture
can be appreciated by future generations as long as the
Buddy L
Museum will continue to survive.     Help us achieve our goals and
contact us with all your pressed steel toys for sale. We're always
buying good examples of Keystone Toy Trucks, Old
Buddy L trains
and all Buddy L Outdoor railroad accessories. Or if you have a Red
Keystone Water Tower truck for sale or large Sturditoy truck for
sale contact us   Always paying 50%-80% more than Ebay, private
collectors and antique dealers ~ Vintage Buddy L Toy Appraisals
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